Wednesday, August 25

Bread and Jam for Frances

Love this book...

I have waited for this day! We needed more jam... and I didn't want to buy store bought jam.
I love homemade bread and jam! This book has been a favorite of mine FOREVER. I was excited to share it with my kids!

Who planned to bake on such a hot day! I am dumb... but the kids loved it and it was so fun!

Pouring in the freezer pectin and sugar.

Smashing the strawberries and mixing the sugar, pectin and strawberries together.

And done!

Then we made the bread!

And if I wasn't in the kitchen long enough, we made these scrumptious things...
TJ's I love you. I really do!

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Becky said...

What is/are TJ's?

And...dang it, now I have to go make some strawberry freezer jam. Right now.

jenny said...


KelBelle said...

Jen, you're amazing. Simply A-MAZ-ING!

tiff said...

Yeah, what's TJ's? I'm super wanting some if it's related to that sandwich. Can you share the recipe?