Tuesday, August 24

Thursday and Friday

Thursday was our last day with my mom, so I thought we should do something more fun than sit in our house and potty train Merrick... but I can successfully say Merrick is 95% potty trained. Number 2 is our issue. I just have to be more observant of when he starts to hide, then it will come. I know it will come. It better, cause we are signed up to start preschool on Sept 14...

We went out to eat with my mom and then headed to Disneyland to watch the fireworks.
It was a blast! (haha, I crack myself up in the wee hours of the night!)

After the fireworks we walked Downtown Disney and got some "man cakes" (Princess & the Frog) or beignets. They were super tasty...

The twins were awake for the fireworks, but not for the food. Bummer! I didn't have to share! hehe

Friday we dropped my mom off at the airport and headed down to visit our cousins. We went swimming and had an enjoyable time!

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