Monday, August 16

The Grandparents are Here and a Week of BOOKS!

MONDAY we road our bikes to the beach: (It is hard to keep finding cute beach books!)

The twins enjoyed walks along the beach, building and knocking down sand castles, being buried, and playing in the sand with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Matthew.

I enjoyed reading my book on the beach.

TUESDAY we did some of our favorite things with grandma and grandpa.
We read this book.

We took the Balboa Ferry, went to the Fun Zone, walked around, went to this amazing play structure, walked around the Newport Pier, took the ferry back to the Island, went to the Balboa Fire Station, our favorite candy shoppe, AND tried to get a hippo cookie at our favorite frozen banana shop, but they were all out, and that was only until 1 in the afternoon!

The play structure looked like a spiderweb. Merrick climbed ALL the way to the top. It was awesome. (This is where our book day comes in.)

We read part of this book about the FAIR!
There is no better book about a fair than Charlotte's Web!
Because we got into the OC Fair super cheap because we brought some school supplies for their school drive.

With our free entrance we also got one free carnival ride. Matthew chose these crazy swings, Merrick and Berkleigh got Gma/pas tickets and went on this hot air balloon ride, and Tyson and I went raced on the SUPER SLIDE.

After all the fun we thought it important to participate in the gluttony that comes with the fair. We had so much to choose from...
Two Krispie Kreme Jelly Filled Donuts with a chicken patty in between?

Um Yuck.
But ALL 7 of us did split ONE deep fried Snickers bar. It wasn't too bad. I wouldn't eat a WHOLE one by myself, but one bite was fine.

THURSDAY we read this book
and built our own little Roxaboxen. I had envisioned actually building a city with blocks etc, but they were so interested in what was already on the mat. Ok, less work. :)
From Aug 10

Later on in the day we went to the Balloon. ( We have been so many times, but my family had not.) So we took a picnic dinner and a styrofoam airplane and had a ball waiting for our turn!
And we waited. This is a procession of the changing night sky while we waited!

We were also going to go to Downtown Disney to watch Dland fireworks BUT it took longer at the balloon.
But, oh how could we be so lucky... our balloon flight ended up being at 9:30, so when we got to 400 ft, we saw the Disneyland fireworks anyway!

FRIDAY we read this book and went to the San Diego Zoo!

There were some animals doing weird things on Friday...

And so many more pictures!
From Aug 10

SATURDAY we went back to the beach. Tyson taught Matthew how to surf...
We also went to the environmental nature center to see the butterflies and after read

And that's it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Clan! Your week looks soo fun! We just had Michelle, Sheldon and Asher down and Lisa, Chris and their three boys up from California for the week. (We have moved to Washington state.) What fun to have four of the seven grandkids here! I love your idea of the books coordinating with the activities and you twins are adorable. You all look great!

Karen Gianatasio said...

Okay, about the previous comment, I did not sign as anonymous so I don't know what happened, but the previous comment was from Karen Gianatasio, not some weird stalker, in case you hadn't already guessed. Let see if the publishing this time goes okay.

Melinda said...

My daughter loved a book called "Sea, Sand, Me." It is a fun rhyming book about the ocean. I love the idea about having an activity paired with a cool book. I think I am going to start doing more things like that with my little ones. Thanks for sharing all your fun times with us. You are truely inspiring!

jenny said...

of course Merrick would climb that huge spiderweb thingy...even as a baby he was a crazy little climber boy! looks like you are having so much fun with your parents!

Kristy said...

Oh how I miss going on adventures with you all! Get me out of this house! Lets plan at least one fun day next week. (we have to plan ahead these days since I need a car!) Plllleeeeaaaassssse!