Wednesday, June 30

The Dot

I could say that most of these books are my favorites, but this one has a special spot in my heart... it reminded me when I was a teacher.. .to BE a good teacher. I love it! A friend gave it to me when I got my first teaching job and I loved it. It made me cry a good cry!

So we painted dots...

and signed them.

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{tiffany} thomson said...

That is one I haven't heard of! We will have to check it out :)

SweetmamaK said...

I will have to check out the dot now! If Berkleigh and Merrick would like to send their flat Stanleys to Texas we will take them out for some adventures and send them the pictures back with their flat stanleys- let me know- my kids (well the three older ones) loved Flat Stanley. Alice was in first grade last year and her teacher had her reading them for her reading time.

Kristyn said...


I have to tell you - ever heard of becky higgins? you could be her relative, you guys so much alike to me! check her out here:

See you next week!

Jen Scott said...

I had never heard of her, but I just spent a good amount of time loving her blog. I will be a subscriber now.

And that is a compliment! Seriously. She is cool!

I am excited to hang on Monday!!!

Megan said...

The Dot has a tender place in my heart. Soon after I started Firehouse Theatre for Youth--6 years ago one of my best collage friends gave it to me. As I read its pages I felt inspired to make my mark...or dot...wherever I go and with whatever I choose to do.
What a great skill to teach little children.