Thursday, June 3

The MB Translator

"gooon" = Good

As in "It smells gooon."

"Foom" = Food

As in "I want that foom that smells gooon."

"wots" = Lots

As in "I want wots and wots and wots of foom that smells gooon."

"fin-ers" = Fingers

As in "I want to pick up wots and wots and wots of foom that smells gooon with my fin-ers."

I love their crazy language! I say food with a "d", where do they get "foom"...? It is cute!

PS. I just had such a fun day with friends crafting something awesome, but shhh! Its a surprise for father's day! Tyson can't know. It will make an appearance in a couple weeks!

4 love notes:

jenny said...

that's funny, Kate has some words like that too. To me she speaks perfect English, so it's funny when other people can't figure out what she's saying.

Melinda said...

I love when little ones talk this way. Some of my kids first words have stayed with us all these years. It's almost sad when they figure out the right way to say it!

Emily said...

is it funny how you totally know what they are saying and it is clear as a bell, but other people totally dont understand, katies little girl used to call her baba even though she could say mom-kids talking is the best!!!

and it's funny to me how they both say it since they are twins and they hear eachother talk.

Michelle, Tony, and Madeline Nguyen said...

THis is the funniest post ever. It's so true though. Love it!