Saturday, April 17

Little letters

I have seen other people do these little letters, and I love them. I was thinking in little letters the past couple days, so I thought I would try my hand at them.

Dear Jack in the Box,
Friday's "Fry"day was awesome. Thank you for the five free small fries!
Love, Jen, Merrick, and Berkleigh

Dear Berkleigh,
Thank you for potty training in three days, but I wish you wouldn't be scared to go potty on other toilets besides our own.
Love, Mom

Dear Target,
Sorry about the ginormous puddle of pee your maintenance crew had to clean up yesterday. It was Berkleigh's first time out without a diaper. She was scared of your toilet, so she went in the cart...

Dear Berkleigh,
Why did you decide you needed to go to the bathroom in Walmart and the nasty ARCO station?
Just wondering.
Love, your proud mom

Dear Nasty ARCO Station and Walmart,
Please clean your bathrooms so I don't have to look in every stall while my little girl does the potty dance, and then find the cleanest one, and still have to wipe pee off the seat so she will go.
Grossed out,

Dear people who make weird rules for children,
Take that.
See attached picture.
Love, an awesome mom.

Dear Merrick,
Why do you sleep like this? Don't you get a kink in your neck?
Love, Mom

5 love notes:

garcias said...

I don't know how children know that they are the furthest away from a bathroom when they decide to go. :) Thanks for the nasty restroom reminder they sick me out.

I loved your post below. I now have a good idea for Xenia when she is ready. CariƱa was so terrible I wasn't ready for Helaman but he was ready on his own and I didn't have to have a reward system. Second I hasn't had an accident at night yet. He has been my good kid.

Sheryl said...

Those are great. My kids always ride on the cart like that. It makes for happy kids which makes for happy mom. Public restrooms are so fun with little ones huh?

Emily said...

dear jen,

great post keep up the hard work. i'm glad to know that your kids do have accidents too.

Dear target,
we all spend enough money there cleaning up a little pee really isn't all that bad, RIGHT???

dear twins,
good job learning how to go potty in the potty, i bet your trash can smells alot better, and now your mommy will have more money to spend on fun and creative things!! just think how much you are saving her!!!

dear jen,
now the twins are potty trained, it time for another...RIGHT??? : )

Laura said...

ha, that was funny. my least favorite part about potty training is having to use all the nasty public bathrooms. my least favorite are the nasty park bathrooms. oh, and the grocery store. gross gross gross.

Liz said...

I hate taking my kids into the public bathroom! Emma wants to touch everything (including the little garbage for feminine products, ew!) I'm trying to figure out how to teach her that public toilets are totally gross without freaking her out.