Monday, March 8

daddy dates

We have had Tyson home a little, and it has been SO fun.

Tyson took the twins to the beach! They love the beach with dad cause he lets them run all over and isn't as paranoid as mom.

Tyson came home one night early, so we packed up and went to Disneyland. It was such a great night. NO one was there! I love those days at the magic kingdom... they are beautiful.

We love when daddy come to play!

3 love notes:

ecuakim said...

Wow. Some of those pictures are FANTASTIC! The beach ones and the cool lights at the magic kingdom. Awesome. Of course, ALL your pictures are great, especially anything having to do with your cutie patootie children. Love you guys!

jenny said...

i can't believe you guys are in shorts at the beach. thats amazing. you got some great pictures.

Chelsea said...

Love the beach picture! Im jealous of your slow day at Disney. When we went it was CRAZY!!!