Monday, November 23


We had a great weekend.. and of all these things, I can't show you any pictures because my camera is at my in laws.

*went to the cutest 1 year old birthday party staring two of our favorite 1 year olds!
*tyson has been home more!
*tyson has the entire week off after monday!
*watched UP with my in laws. (love that movie)
*we had fhe and played Don't Eat Pete! The twins got it and loved it.
*merrick said the prayer for the first time EVER!
*we had homemade hamburgers.
*we are getting our pictures taken tomorrow, by a good friend, Kim, with awesome photog talent!
*with the help of my friend Megan, I made the yummiest skirt ever for Berkleigh!

***AND my neighbor and I decided to start this crazy project! We want this advent calendar... but don't want to pay $69 for it, so we decided to make it, and I am excited to say that I just finished my LAST square. I had to stitch 25 squares with Christmas items on each of them...

Hopefully I will have the camera by the end of the day, so I can post some pictures.

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lauren said...

that calender is on my list of projects to get to... i dont think its going to happen this year though.. maybe if i start in january i will be done by december. i cant wait to see yours when its all put together. we watched up yesterday and it is so cute!