Monday, November 23

rewind: the weekend in pictures

We had a great weekend..and I got my camera back. :)

*went to the cutest 1 year old birthday party starring two of our favorite 1 year olds!

*went and watched the lighting of the tree at Fashion Island...

The twins were so excited... and then when it was lit, Merrick cried. I think he thought it was on fire. He kept asking what happened to the tree.

***AND my neighbor and I decided to start this crazy project! We want this advent calendar... but don't want to pay $69 for it, so we decided to make it, and I am excited to say that I just finished my LAST square. I had to stitch 25 squares with Christmas items on each of them...

Here are a couple of my little squares. All felt, all stitched. no glue. Ahh.. feels good to be done. Now I am just waiting for my felt to come in the mail, and I can finish!

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Your squares are really cute Jen!!
Did you hand sew all of them?
Love you!!

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I love the advent calendar it is going to be so cute. That is hilarious that Merrick cried at the tree lighting ceremony!

Erika said...

DUDE! I want to make one!!! Can I come over sometime and you can show me how/do you have a pattern you could mail me with everything (i'll pay for shipping :-)
I'm being serious! SO CUTE!!!

Sheryl said...

That advent calendar is so cute!! You are very ambitious. I am sure it took forever! Love the scared crying face on Merrick--classic.