Thursday, November 12

Our Week

So I wasn't in a blogging mood this week.. but I should, so here is our week thus far...preschool. It kinda consumes me when it is my turn to teach. Good thing I only teach every 6 weeks!

I went 6 weeks with 4 hours a week without my children! It was lovely!
This week our theme was a science theme: Animal Homes.

We had pictures of animals and the kids had to put them with the appropriate home.

We talked about how birds make their nests and then we did a little creative drama (that is for you Megan!) We went outside, flapped our wings like birds, and picked up twigs, grass, straw, string and leaves to make our birds nests.

We came back in and made our nests:

We read The Very Busy Spider, Duck on a Bike, In the Small Small Pond, On the African Savanna, and the Little House.

We made beehives (this was a last minute spontaneous idea... like 10 minutes before the kids got to my house):

We learned the letter B.

I made each kid a paper with 3 different habitats or homes on it, a desert, a farm, and the ocean. We had lots of cut out animals and they had to put them in the right "home".

We went on a bear hunt. You know that song? Love it... "with big green eyes, and a fuzzzzy little tail. I'm not scared!"

And we played a hopscotch type game but with lily pads. The first time they just practiced jumping on each one. The second time, I flipped over the lily pads and they had the letters we have learned so far. They had to jump on the pad, say the letter and sound and continue.
I forget sometimes how much I love teaching, and I forget how tired I get! When I want to craft at night, I end up in bed asleep. early. Early being 11. :)

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Taylors said...

wow, you can definitely tell you put a lot of time in to your lessons. The kids are so lucky!

jenny said...

very cute! we just did that home lesson for fhe this week. those kits are finally coming in handy.

mackenzie said...

natural born teacher. aka- my hero.
Jen scott everybody!

Megan said...

Love the creative drama! You are a natural born teacher and I am so so impressed!

p.s. our feathers are coming. We are going to do them as a family tomorrow--great Sunday activity. Thanks for involving us!

Chelsea said...

You are such a cute teacher! Looks like fun, it also looks like a workout!

PS- your kids are SO big! I cant get over the fact that they are doing preschool and learning their letters!