Friday, November 13

All things Thanksgiving

I made:

A new leafy garland:

(The inspiration came from this awesome Potterybarn garland, and the fact I didn't want to spend $60!).

A happy Thanksgiving ruffly pillow:

(Which I made from a tutorial I found online. The link is not on this laptop. If you want it, I will email you.)

And one of my friends told me about this idea that she heard in Relief Society. I wasn't there because... I am in YW, but I thought it was such a fun idea...

The twins and I cut out MILLIONS of feathers on my cricut, and cut out a turkey.
We wrote a small note to those we sent them to saying they needed to write their name and what they are thankful for on the feathers and send them back.
If you love getting snail mail... well besides bills, then this is the best thing you will ever do!
We just started getting the feathers back and the twins are so excited to go to the mailbox!
We sent out 20 letters, and have only received 4 letters back so far, but look how full our Thankful Turkeys tail feathers is!

It is fun to see what your loved ones are thankful for too.

Here is our turkey a couple days ago...

Berkleigh is way into posing for the camera right now, so I just go with it. Vogue!

Here is our turkey today, as of Friday, November 13! We can't wait for more!

Happy Thanksgiving!

9 love notes:

jenny said...

i just got really happy when i saw our feathers on the turkey :) fun idea!

Jon and Becky said...

This is my question:
Do you keep all this stuff you make with your kids? Do you have a closet or a shed/fire hazard full of felt and glue and paper and batting and cardboard and gasoline?

Jessica said...

does that say health baby Jen?

Autumn said...

Cute! My sis did the turkey a few years back, I always say I want to do one, then the season passes by, I stink :)

Emily said...

love it love it love it!!! the garland is awesome!

tiff said...

Fun turkey.

I love your ruffle pillow. Is that felt?

And your pic with Flick is hilarious. Don't you love MAKING happy memories?

Sheryl said...

That Turkey is an adorable idea. Perfect for their ages!

Shari said...

I just love the leaf garland--such happy fall colors!

Megan said...

Fun idea! Love Berkleigh's expression...and love the ruffle pillow. Totally chic!