Friday, September 11

Learning to Smile

My kids have great smiles. They smile all the time.

I get the camera out.

They don't smile.

So the other day, we had a lesson on smiling for the camera.

Not their best smiles.

A little cheesy.

But we are getting there.

5 love notes:

Jessica said...

Oh these made me smile- they are too cute.

Chelsea said...

I love the one of them together :)

I always tell kids to "laugh" -those are the shots that turn out best for me. Another kid tick is to tell them to look for the dragon in the big black hole. They get this serious stare and you can really get the depths of the eye that way.

Good luck! Kids are always tough!

mackenzie said...

o my gosh!! merrick looks aproximately 45 years old in this last one. haha so funny. your kids are the coolest

Jon and Becky said...

They look really cute. Don't get me wrong, but that reminds me of that episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica are getting engagement photos taken and Chandler can't smile normally for the camera so they end up having Joey pose for their shot. I'm not suggesting you use stand-in kids, although that'd be kinda funny.
When we take pictures I usually have Jon in the background doing a funky dance or something. I'm sure you can picture that. Look, you're smiling now. Maybe your kids need to meet Jon Tolman

mamaroosh said...

I love reading your blog! Loved the posts about the end of your summer and your summer fun challenge. Can you plan my days for me too? It was great to catch up finally! When I first opened your blog this time all I could see of the first picture was b's eye. I wasn't looking at the picture super close and I thought it was going to be of you! Love you lots!