Monday, September 14

Build and Grow

Lowe's has a program on Saturday mornings where you can go and build things.

Looked fun..

and it was free.

If anything is Fun and Free.. .I am there.

The got:

safety goggles, an apron, a patch to sew on the apron, a hammer, and the kit... all for FREEE!

We made drums this week...

And because it was crazy with three toddlers and hammers, we took the other two home to make with daddy, who was sad he missed out on all the fun.

(Good thing Merrick had the safety goggles on, he kept hitting his eyes.)

I was so impressed with Merrick's skills. He hammered in every single one of his nails. He was really good at it. Great fine motor skills!

Berkleigh was more interested in hammin' it up for the camera

Then she got down to business..

And I took over the hammin':

And using the finished product...

They love the drums. They love that they made the drums, and I love that they are NOT loud!

4 love notes:

Taylors said...

You just have a never ending plethora of fun ideas, crafts and projects. Where do you find all of these free things to do? I must be looking in the wrong places. This looks like a totally fun project for kids!! I've gotta check the Lowes out here now.

jenny said...

i love that you are able to find so many free things to do. i would take kate just for that apron--so cute.

Laura said...

i have seen this on saturday mornings, but thought chase was too young. good to know you had a good experience. i'll have to try it out. did you have to sign up, or do you just show up?

Jen and Chris said...

So weird, some friends of ours did the same thing at our Lowes in Sulphur on Saturday. check out Andrea Z. blog (it's linked to mine).