Monday, August 31


Day 68: In Unplugged Play, I found a fun make shift race track... so we enjoyed racing our "Cars" cars down the track, making parking lots, and singing the "Mac" song...

Day 69:We let our butterfly, Comida, go today... it was sad, but wonderful. I have never seen such a spastic butterfly. It wanted out of it's special cage SO bad!!

2 love notes:

Laura said...

would the mac song be "Life is a Highway"? Chase sings that to his cars. And Chase was super jealous to see your collection of cars..we don't have quite that many. I've enjoyed reading about your summer fun...and I am a tad jealous of all your outings. I have been slightly more home bound with a baby.

mackenzie said...

SOOO cool. i can't believe i missed this blog. im so glad you keep a blog jen. its so nice to see you and tyson and especially this chillins
the kids look darling in these pics by the way. love berkleighs dress and i want my future hubby to dress like merrick in this pic : )

your cool. as always.

see ya