Friday, July 31

"39 red ballons go by.."

The twins woke up to this after naps....

They ran around for an hour straight!

Followed by a water balloon fight at the beach:

Gotta love how happy kids are when balloons are present!

3 love notes:

mackenzie said...

ha, and no doubt merrick was using that play plastic knife to "chop" up the balloons. cool kid. Cool MOM. who surprises their kids like that?? : ) only the true, best, lovely moms like jennifer ann scott. ( i actually don't know if thats your middle name or not, but iv heard tyson say it,)

RaeAnn said...

Love the balloons!!!! Your last blog reminded me of your paper mache, Mickey Mouse mask that you made for 4th (?) grade!!!
Love you
See you soon!!

Grandpa has a new laptop!!!

tiff said...

This is my new favorite idea!!!! I am totally doing this for my kids some morning. (Sadly, they no longer nap. Not even Henry.)