Monday, July 13

Days 18-20

I have taken a nap almost EVERY day this week. The sun has finally decided to show itself, and I am worn out after Summer Fun is over for the day... 

I call Friday, Day 18: Gracias for Gratis! (Thank you for free!)

It was opening day at the OC Fair and if you got there within the first hour, you got in free. My friends, that is the way to go to the fair! For free!

We went with Megan & Addison, Brooke & Zach, Becky & Hailey, and Melody & Corban.

I didn't get any pictures of Merrick because he didn't care about the animals. He just cared about the dirt clods on the ground and throwing them at every animal that we saw.

Berkleigh on the other hand is our animal lover.. look at that face, that is euphoria!

After we got in free to the fair, Megan and I stopped off at 7-11 for our free slurpees from the Penny Saver. 

Disclaimer: Not one of my monies was harmed or spent in the making of this day.

Saturday, Day 19: I like to call this day, "Thank-you-Target-for-giving-museums-money-so-I-can-get-in- free" day!
We went to the La Habra Children's Museum. It was cute. I am glad I didn't have to pay for it though...

The Miniature Grocery Mart

The Bus

The Kids: Berkleigh, Merrick, Lauren, Addison, (Megan), and Emily.
And it was July 11... so we got our free slurpees from 7-11. Umm, yes we enjoyed them numerous times at various locations. :)

Sunday, Day 20: Celebrations all around.. some get their own post.
Celebration 1: Our wedding anniversary! (Gets its own post)
Celebration 2: I spoke in church today, so I don't have to speak again for another year...
Celebration 3: Friendly BBQs with our awesome neighbors, always a reason to celebrate!

You choose your battles you wanna fight... this one I wasn't going to fight. If you want to wear a felt Buzz Lightyear outfit in this hot weather, its all right with me. 

If we were going to Disneyland, and he wanted to wear his BL outfit, I would fight that. Not because it would be to hot for him, but I can't stand it when people where 2 things to Disneyland:
1. Disney Apparel
2. BYU t shirts.

There is no question about it. :)
Happy Summer!!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Love the pictures!!!
Love the free stuff!!!
Love you guys!!!

Hope you had a happy anniversary!!!
Love ya!!

jenny said...

haha i was once guilty of wearing a byu hat to disneyland...but i didn't have another hat.

i love LOVE the picture of B and the watermelon. nice cameras just make children look so gorgeous!