Monday, July 13

7 Years

July 12, 2002

Tyson and I sealed the deal and tied the knot. It was a beautiful day in San Diego, I loved every minute of it, and every minute since...

Thanks for being a great Dad and Hubby.

He does what is best for our family.
He loves us.
He works SO hard for us.
He always comes home with a smile, and isn't too tired to go out and have fun.
He secretly does the dishes when I am gone.
He always compliments me on our clean house, so he knows that I know he notices. :)
He makes me laugh.
We can talk for hours.
He keeps me on my toes.

I love you Tyson!
We love you daddy! M&B

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Emily C said...

beautiful photo. i want to see more wedding pics!

happy anniversary. i can't believe you had to talk in church on your anniversary.i would have been so mad! you gave such a good talk btw.