Wednesday, July 22

The Big 3-0

No.. I am not 30 yet.. sheesh.. I am not THAT old! jk jk...

We have pretty much hit the half way mark of our summer fun challenge, and we still have many more fun things planned. I have made a calendar and planned every fun day until the end of the summer. :) Yipee!

Today we went to the free Regal movie theater movie. We wanted to see Charlotte's Web, but I drove us to the wrong theater, so we ended up seeing The Pirates that Don't Do Anything, a Veggie Tale... um.. snore fest.

This is before the movie started. (When the kids didn't know what they were getting into...)
We went with Autie, Ivy, Max, and Lisa, Emily, ,and Lauren.

This is what Berkleigh looked like while she was bored to DEATH during the movie. I mean, it was cute, but there was too much talking and not a lot of action...

Next time it will be better... hopefully! :)

We also went to the splash pad from yesterday.

(Sorry, stock photo from yesterday, I didn't take my camera in this time...)

Berkleigh didn't look like this: 

as much as she did yesterday. Although she spent ample amounts of time warming the bench. Thanks Po Pos for a fun day!

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The Polson Family said...

Thanks for the fun day!!! WE loved it. We're going to have to crash you fun summer project more often!

jenny said...

i took Kate to see that Veggie Tales movie out here and she lost interest once the food was gone. We left halfway through because she started yelling, "mommy! i want to go to the park!" I haven't tried a movie since.

Plus our theater charges a dollar for those stupid kid movies! everywhere else i know they are free and it ticks me off.

Kristyn said...

Jen, I'm so glad you guys hit up the movie (as lame as it was :) ). We've been going religiously all summer and have had a blast - who doesn't love free stuff?! And I'm super impressed you've made a calendar for the rest of the summer. I'll have to do the same. And, uh, don't be surprised if I steal some of your ideas (I LOVED the one with the story and then planting the seeds. Too cute).