Saturday, June 27

What a weekend.

Tyson has a conference at Disneyland with a bunch of other foot surgeons.

The twins had fun days everyday with grandma and grandpa and their awesome backyard.

And I had a blast as girls camp. (I am wasted, and I didn't even go to camp for the full 4 days.)

Our EQ had a white trash pinewood derby, and it wasn't for the little folk in blue. It was for the "men".

Here are my white trash kids...
Tyson dressed Berkleigh, and I dressed Merrick. I love the no pants. It is cracking me up.

The proud white trash girls, cheering on the men folk.

They had three races. The regular pinewood derby race, a speed race (where you could use anything, like a rocket, to propel your car), and a destruction race (where you tried to knock the other pinewood derby cars off the track.)

So fun... i hope it becomes an annual celebration.

5 love notes:

Alycia said...

haha - that looks like it was fun - hey where did Tyson get that sweet hat? I bet my Tyson would love one :)

Robins Family said...

Jen you always have such fun activities on your blog! My hubby would LOVE to live in southern cali., he lived there for a while before we were married. Maybe we'll have to come visit you guys ;-).

mackenzie said...

hilarious. "white trash- Done!" :)
well done my friends. haha

jenny said...

looks like fun! our elders quorum did a pinewood derby awhile back, minus the white trash. the men loved it. just shows you boys never grow up.

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I am so glad you took pictures of this because I didn't get to go! I can't believe you dressed the part, I love it. Looks like we missed out.