Tuesday, June 30

Look at Days 5, 6, and 7

Saturday: We bought a $5 pizza and ate it at the beach, walked around, and played in the sand.

Look at that happy boy!

Look at the ocean!

Sunday: We went to the Scott's because Brianna and "friend"were there. :) We ate, played badminton, and opened gifts from Italy. 
(I got a green pashmina, and couldn't be happier!)

Look at the determination! 

Look at Brooke's face! (and my new skirt! Love it!)

Look at that shuttlecock!

Look at that form!

Look at that concentration!

Monday: Beach day (I lasted 45 minutes until I was an ice cube.)
                A walk to Lake Park with the girls in my neighborhood.

Look how good I look blurry! :)
From June 09
Look at that pouty face!

Look at that cute thang!

5 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

So what happened to the picture of Brianna and "friend"?
Love yours and Tyson's "form" especially Tyson's puffy cheeks!
Love you guys!!

jenny said...

cute skirt! badminton is so underrated. why don't more people play?

mackenzie said...

hahaha i was laughing so hard at all the action shots of you guys playing batmitten. nice! :)

Amy said...

LOVE that skirt, where can I pick one up???? Pizza on the beach....a perfect way to spend dinner!!

The Flying V said...

hey jen do you think you cud put those badmiten picts on facebook cuz i kinda want them. haha.
brooke :)