Tuesday, May 12

Mother's Day

So we took super lame pictures of Mother's Day, which makes me not so excited to post about it. It was a wonderful day though, so I will muscle through this.

Breakfast in bed.
Kids dressed for church (Berkleigh picked out her own "pree dess" and had to change before we actually went to church.)'
All before I woke up ... hence the nasty picture of me. in my robe. in my bed.

The breakfast.. Tyson knows I don't like anything heavy for breakfast! So thoughtful!

The Gift. Super excited about this! Thanks Tyson!

Stay tuned for next week....

Unplugged with the Scotts. We will be trying out a different activity from the book to see if they are any good! Pictures will be included.

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jenny said...

every event or holiday i always have these perfect little pictures in my head that i want taken and they never seem to pan out. usually because i get too embarrassed to ask someone to indulge in my photo shoot vision. glad you had a fun day though and got to sleep in!

do let us know what you find in that book!

(oh and i did get your mothers day thing- so funny, thanks!)

Megan said...

Happy Mother's Day to a great mom! My neice and nephew are lucky to have you...Tyson is too:)

Judith said...

I love the book! Sounds like you will have a great summer full of fun! I saw this website and totally thought of you! It has some great patterns for FREE! I hope you have fun!

Check it out! http://amybutlerdesign.com/products/free_patterns.php

Miss ya

Shari said...

Cool! I WANT that book!! I'm excited to see what activities you do together.

Happy Mother's Day, Jen!

tiff said...

Review this on Goodreads, will ya? I totally want to hear more about this book. (Like, is it worth buying, or checking out?)