Friday, May 8

Ahh! Summer!

Do your remember summer as a kid?

Out of school

living in your swimsuit

staying outside from after breakfast until the fireflies came out?
(well at least in Texas we had those beautiful things..)

Do you remember taking your shoes off at the pool and running to get to the water... your feet hot from the sun beating on the cement all morning.
Do you remember that first intial leap into the pool? Is it going to be too cold? Or will it feel perfect?

And once you got in you couldn't even imagine being out of the water. You felt like you were supposed to be there!

You would splash the afternoon away with friends...

Do you remember all the stow away grass that collected in the water from running around and jumping in the pool?

Do you remember all the fun games you would play with your little blow up pool? 
We made diving boards, and pretended to be mermaids. We even had one of those fancy pools with the slide... this pool had a spout! oooo

Do you remember the sun kissed nose after a fabulous day outside in the pool?

I loved those summer days! The twins had one of their first that they will actually remember. It was beautiful! We were outside for 5 hours! The best part all parties involved had fun... toddlers soaked each other with water, and the moms sat and chatted!

Bring on the heat summer! We are ready for ya!

8 love notes:

Emily said...

bring on the sun baby!!

RaeAnn said...

That is the cutest blog that you have ever made!!! Love it!!! Have a fun sunny summer!!
Love ya!!

RaeAnn said...

I remember soggy, wet diapers holding all the water they possibly could!! Yea for little swimmers!!!
I'm impressed!!!

Megan Bowen said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I'm so sad that I missed that. See you guys soon!

Amy said...

aaawww what a fun day! I am so glad this weather has made a little turn around! Bring on the sun!!

We need to plan a beach day AND a dland day! We are going to Utah next week, but when we get back, we need to plan!

April said...

What a fun day! Days like that are the best for sure!

And our little B's have the SAME swimming suit! How fun!

Sheryl and Ian said...

Now that IS a great day!

Brandon and Kim Waldron said...

love the pictures and love that I covered up, but now look like I have my birthday suit on :)
P.S. B's little swim suit couldn't be any cuter! love one pieces on the little girls---so CUTE