Monday, February 23

7:15 am

That is when I woke up to the kids laughing and talking to each other...

It wasn't until 8:00 am that I actually had to go in there because they were done with the pillow talk.

Here was the rest of our day:

8:30 am
9:00 am

9:30 am:  Walk with our neighbor Kristy and baby Dallin. (Sorry forgot to take a picture)

10:30 am: Made parking lots (Thanks for teaching us Max!) and played more trains.

11:30 am: Books and lunch

12:30 pm: Naptime
I love this picture, because when I announced naptime, they did this:

12:45 pm:

While the twins were sleeping, Autie, Kristy and I had a "blue haired" afternoon by playing a couple rounds of Yahtzee, the eating of animal crackers, and chatting. (Everything blue haired ladies do best. :)

2:30 pm: 

Merrick felt a nap was overrated and crept out of bed and hid behind the computer. How did he get there?
2:45 pm: Cleaned up toys, did dishes, etc. While kids watched Bugs Life.
4:00 pm: Target for some groceries, found the twins Easter stuff, and bought stuff for
my project tomorrow.
5:30 pm: Tyson home,
food is delivered to our house and we eat together for the first time in a long time.... ALL TOGETHER.
6:30 pm:  
7:00 pm: Family Home Evening on Accepting Others (which I know is over their heads, but I picked it cause they liked the animals.)

:30 pm: Books, prayers, and bedtime

Night Night!

8 love notes:

jenny said...

i love the play by play! it sounds like you have a good schedule going; i am so bad at getting kate to bed early.

Sally said...

The gold yahtzee dice are very ritzy!

Amy said...

Love that bath water! What did you put in it?

Emily said...

looks like a fun day, can you come keep ryan busy for the fnext couple of days??

Autie said...

Just another day in paradise, right? so fun.

RaeAnn said...

What a great mom!!!

ecuakim said...

I'm with your mom: You are an amazing mother Jen! I also want to know what you put in the bath water and where do you get your ideas for FHE? You are so awesome!!!

tiff said...

Little children are so clever. They figure out evasive action quickly when it comes to naps.