Tuesday, November 4

I Voted

Don't forget to vote today, and DON'T forget to get this:
because it will get you this:

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Liz said...

thanks for the info! i was going to give my sticker to max!

Amy said...

I am on my way, and the perks are awesome!!

jenny said...

i called starbucks to see if i could get a hot chocolate instead of coffee and they said no. i might hit up the ice cream tonight though!

Jackie said...

So the mean trick, if you voted early, you were excluded from all the free goods!!! DANG! Had I known! Or, do they let you vote twice? :0
And I am loving all your halloween adventures. I am very much envious of your summer outfit at Disneyland.
Looks like loads of fun.

ecuakim said...

OH MAN! I am so bummed. I didn't know I could get free stuff with my sticker! Shoulda read your blog earlier! Love ya!