Sunday, November 2

Halloween Haps

The breakdown is as follows:

Disneyland starting in the wee hours of the morning with my friend Kim, and baby Hudson.
Berkleigh wore my old halloween costume so we didn't feather Disneyland, and so Berkleigh wouldn't die of heat exhaustion. Look at the end of the post for 5 year old me and berkleigh in the same costume.
Then trick or treating with friends at the strip mall by our house, and naps... can't forget the naps.

Trick or Treating with Dad and Grandpa
and Max and his parents (our friends... Jeff and Autie)
The booty that mom will have to eat. You know, to save the twins teeth. It is purely selfless.

After trick or treating, we went to our friends house for a Halloween Party. Here are the hosts. They were awesome! They had a spook alley, and fun foods and games.

After the party, we put the kids to bed, and went to our neighbors for some caramel apple making and "Clue" watching.

In other news...

We celebrated the week of Halloween with making Dinner in a Pumpkin,

had friends come over while babes were sleeping to make 3D halloween cookies, 
(Thanks Jackie!)

and painted our pumpkins.

And here we are:

7 love notes:

jenny said...

yay glad you got the pictures up! B looks just like you in that last picture! not really like you as a 5 year old, but you now. i am curious about your dinner in a pumpkin...

ecuakim said...

Love it!!!! Holy cow you are a brave woman, to let the twins have PAINT!!! I mean, seriously. Are you crazy????

Amy said...

WOW, you guys were busy!! I am wondering about the dinner in a pumpkin too???

Jessica said...

I think its fair to say that the Scotts LOVE this holiday- way to make it special for the kiddos. (What could beat Disneyland on Halloween?)

Chelsea said...

Dinner in a pumpkin sounds interesting... I LOVE the vintage outfit!

Emily said...

did merrick get a hair cut?? Looks like ou guys had a fun filled week!!

Sally said...

Your life is like five million times more exciting than mine. I love to live vicariously through people that actually have friends!