Monday, October 13

Field Trip with Gma and Gpa

The twins went with Gma and Gpa Scott to the fire station to play on the fire-trucks.
They had a lot of fun, and Merrick points at a fire-truck whenever it goes by now!


 Merrick and Grandpa

The official badge and helmet.

I don't know about this.

Checkin out the wheels.

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Amy said...

Hey, we went to the fire trucks on Sat too! We went to the station in Irvine, and they had TONS of trucks out on display! Fun for kids this age!

Tom 'n' Annie said...

Levi is going to be a fireman for Halloween this year. We just did the preschool field trip to the fire station--stop, drop and roll!

The Flying V said...

haha i love this!! what a fun thing.. aren't you glad you live by mom and dad. these are sweet pics. and i love the one with mom and dad holding the kids hands-what a great pic. i miss home. glad to be visiting this weekend:)
love you guys

RaeAnn said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Did you go too Jen?
I can't wait to see the twins costumes!! What are the red feathers for?
Love you!!

Brianna said...

That is so awesome! What a great field trip. Those pictures of Mom and Dad with Berkleigh and Merrick are so adorable. Cute idea!