Sunday, October 19

!! Big Bear !!

What a post I have for you.

We went to Big Bear with our friends:
Matt, Melody, Corbin; Emily; Autie, Max; Kristi, Rod, Jack; Kellie, Kevin; Becky, Ammon!
There were 17 people there and many raccoons, birds, and squirrels.

Here is a breakdown of the weekend...

Left HB at 1:30 Friday afternoon.
(We were supposed to leave at 11:45 am! Aren't we SO Mormon?)

We drove to the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.
Pushing the twins around in their personal pumpkin buggy.

Ran around the patch looking at the animals, climbing the hay wall, and watching kids play on overpriced bounce houses shaped like pumpkins.

Picked pumpkins from the vine.
(I have never been to a patch where you actually pick it from the vine, and I was super excited. I am missing the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest up north, but this was perfect!)

Took mass amounts of pictures.

(From left to right: Jack, Corbin, Berkleigh, & Merrick)

For just one dollar a day, you can feed these children.
Don't they look like those kids on the commercials.

Drive up the Big Bear to meet the husbands.
My friend Becky became Berkleigh's new best friend this weekend.

Stayed in this cozy cabin. 

Played around.

Looked at nature.
(Merrick, Max, and Berkleigh)

Took a hike to the resort to take pictures.

We left the kids asleep with the men, and had a girls day out to "The Village" in Big Bear. We enjoyed baby boutiques, caramel apples, and the changing leaves.

Stayed up to late.
Watched Berkleigh love on this psycho bear at the cabin.

Went down Alpine Slides.

Getting ready. Look how ready Merrick is! Berkleigh liked it at first, but by the end her face did not look so happy.

Saturday night we were watching a movie when heard a noise outside! We all ran to the door and found raccoons in the trash can. Not a huge deal, when isn't there a raccoon in the trash can, know what I mean? So the girls went back to watch the movie but the boys decided to try and catch the raccoons. They made this crazy trap with twigs, branches and string.
It never worked, but while the guys were downstairs playing pool and ping pong, we sneaky girls, put the freaky bear in their trap. The guys freaked out. They thought they had caught a raccoon! To bad it had overalls and shoes on. 
After the prank, the guys became obsessed with catching a raccoon. The lil'  varmints actually tried to charge the door. Here they are, and this is what the girls were doing to get away from them if they got in the house. 

From then on, the guys spent the majority of the time trying to catch small varmints. They caught a squirrel a couple times, but no raccoons.

We had such a fun time. 
Thanks to the Wards!

11 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I will give 2 dollars a day for the hungry little orphans!!!
Looks like you had tons of fun!!!

Emily C said...

awesome post. loved the recap. you are such a funny story teller. loved the 'feed these children' comment. lol.

wasn't it so nice to be outside in nature and get fresh air? i loved it.

jenny said...

looks like fun but i'm sad we missed you guys in HB! i think we were pretty close to your house because the people we stayed with were in huntington beach a few blocks from the ocean.

thats hilarious berkleigh loved that weird bear and then you tricked the boys with it! nice.

ammon was friends with a bunch of my friends at byu. i don't know if he'd remember me but he hung out a lot with my friend danielle. he might know chris too, i can't remember if they were friends. small world!

Emily said...

it loos like you guys had great time!! the pumpkin patch looked like alot of fun!!

ecuakim said...

How fun!!! I would love to go to a pumpkin patch!

Chelsea said...

Looks like a blast! We miss you guys and I am missing Half moon bay too! I LOVE the pic of the kids looking out the sliding glass door :)

Amy said...

FUN FUN! We missed you today at Dland (It was SO slow! PERFECT!) Hope we get the same luck next week with you guys!

Becca said...

Looks like you had such a blast. Love the trips to the mountains. Miss them!! Remember when we went camping with Kenny and Sarvy (Braden was way little and it rained a ton?)?? Your story of the racoons reminded me of our encounter with the racoons on that trip. It seems as if Tyson was way into chasing them off then as well. So much fun!

Jessica said...

What is with guys and their obsession with catching a racoon? We've been through that before- they locked it in the bathroom and the little bugger tore the place apart!
I laughed really hard at your comment "For just a dollar a day..." It looks like a 'late afternoon' picture- thats what I call them.
Merrick is a little man!!

April said...

That looks like so much fun! Wish our ward was cool like that! :) I really love that picture of your two little starving kids! Such cute faces!

tiff said...

Yeah, your starving kids had me cracking up too. :)

I'm jealous of the girl's day away part!