Saturday, September 27

Rubber Duckie with three baby duckies on its back: $1

12 pairs of socks: $3

Blackberry Case for Tyson: $8

New "kosher" cutting boards: $1

Sandals for Jen: $10

Gnarly glasses for the twins: 2 for $5
Swap Meet Trip: $28

Kids looking dang cute in gnarly sunglasses: Priceless

7 love notes:

Amy said...

Cute shoes! Where was the swap meat? I love going to those!

Andrew & Tara said...

fun, fun, fun! What great finds!

The Flying V said...

too legit to quit for sure!! haha i LOVE all your buys or should i say steals..those prices were rediculous. i love it! the kids are adorable in those two for one glasses. way to go jen and tyson!

Jackie said...

I love the looks on the twins faces!
Merrick is like "oh yeah baby, I'm all that!" And Berkleigh is sayin' "don't you even thing of messin with me, chick!"
So cute!
What great finds!
Swap meets, I thought they only did those in the 80's.

Emily said...

what wonderful finds!! I want to go to swap meet! looks like you found some treasures!!

April said...

Holy steals. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cutting boards!

Dixons said...

Can I tell you how much I miss the OC swapmeet? Lots. There's nothing like it here in good, ole' Utah!