Wednesday, August 13


12 months + 6 months
9 months + 9 months
1 year + 1 semester + 2 sets of 4 weeks


Anyway you slice it, the twins are growing TOO fast! 18 months came to fast!

New things they have learned in their old age:

New signs: please, thank you, I love you       
Old Signs: milk, all done, eat more

New Words: 
Apple Sauce : Aaa sass 
Bass: Bath                                                 
Milk : mi mi  
Grandma: da ma
Bang Bang (Merrick with a fake gun)
Mike Wizowski (green monster from MI)                      
Old Words: mom, kiss, duck, grandpa, high five, dad, whats that?, cat, flower, uh oh, dog, book, oh no, banana, night night, oh wow, thank you, nose, ball
New Sounds: pig, frog, bear, bird, horse
Old Sounds: duck, cat, sheep, dog, fish, cow

Slave labor they do for me:

They can throw anything away in the trash can for me.

They can get their own bumbos out of the closet and bring them to me to get them read to eat.

They bring me my shoes, on command and when they want to go on a walk.

Merrick sweeps.

Berkleigh is a little OCD and lines things up for me.

They clean up, and Berkleigh says, "ee yu, ee yu" for the Barney song, "Clean Up, Clean Up, everybody everywhere..."

They dance on command.

Favorite Movie:
Monsters Inc.

Favorite Songs:
5 Little Monkeys
Wheels on the Bus
Itsy Bitsy Spider
If your Happy and you Know it


12 love notes:

Jessica said...

18 months! Its such a great milestone- you are going to feel so FREE on Sunday!!!

jenny said...

cute! i love the picture of them reading, they look like such adults! happy half birthday merrick and berkleigh! and jen, enjoy your church freedom!

Emily said...

hip hip horray for nursery!!! i cna't believe they are so big already!! hope you are having a great time with your family!!

Amy said...

Boston's favorite movie right now is Monsters Inc too!! (imagine how my drive to Utah was hehe) Have a nice sunday this week!!

Andrew & Tara said...

It will be will actually be able to feel the spirit on Sunday!

Kristyn said...

Nursery is a God-send. I want to write thank you notes to the leaders every Sunday. As much as I love Thacks, I'm glad he likes
nursery as much as I do.

And I love how much you relish your children and your time with them! It's so inspiring!!

Team Thomson (Tiffany) said...

Nursery is the greatest thing in the whole world once they will go. Hopefully they will just think it is the greatest thing in the whole entire world -Turner does. The only thing I didn't really like about 18 mo. with Turner is that that was about when the tantrums started :( Welcome to toddlerhood!

Sheryl said...

Nursery is GREAT! Blake always asks to go way before it is time. Congrats on making it to 18 months.

April said...

Ohhh, half birthdays are a HUGE deal at our house! Happy HALF Birthday kiddos.

They are sooooo stinking cute! I love that picture of them reading their books side by side.

Jackie said...

Man, that makes me sad that time goes so fast!
Look at the little cuties.
Yeah nursery!

tiff said...

Congratulations on reaching 18 months of motherhood unscathed (mostly). :) Nursery IS awesome. Unlike some people, though, I still have a hard time paying attention and feeling the spirit. It's as if all the time I've spent entertaining a child with a short attention span has lessened my own attention span. I'm used to doing something throughout the lessons, and now.... I need a book to look at or something to write on or I start bouncing my legs.... Were these meetings always this long?

Ha ha, hopefully you'll fare better than me!

ecuakim said...

Hooray for nursery!!!!! LOVE IT.