Thursday, July 24

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful...
... that Merrick didn't fall while I took this picture.

... that Berkleigh's hair doesn't always look like this.

... that I get to see WICKED again in August with my family.

... and for pictures like these.

Woo Hoo!

7 love notes:

Jackie said...

ARG!!!! Wicked! Are you going to the big apple?
I ADORE that show!
I'm trying to talk Jeff into going again! What an amazing experience!
Have so so much fun!

jenny said...

oh man, merrick's moving quick with his new woman! what happened to the book of mormon in between rule!

i am SOOO insanely jealous you got to see wicked again! i am on a musicals kick right now.

your header things on top are amazing by the way! are you making all of them?

Amy said...

Look at Merrick- that little dear devil!! I love his shoes he has on in the side bar :) we have more where those came from BTW!! Can't wait to hook up after we get back!

Chelsea said...

SO cute! I cant believe what a little climber you have on your hands! And dont you love the way little girls hair sticks straight up after you take out the hair thing?

You're doing great work with your new P.S. It looks awesome!!!

ecuakim said...

Hey!!! Cutest blog header EVER! How do you do that??? Do you design them tell. I want to do something fun and whimsical too!!!! I swear, here comes BLOG ENVY!

jenny said...

by the way i saw you are reading Wicked the book. it gets a little sketchy in the middle and i was over it halfway through. i'm interested to hear what you think.

i think i figured out your find an image and then stick your family's name in with photoshop?

that works out great that merrick can get boston's hand me downs (i was just reading through the comments). he has cute clothes. score!

tiff said...

How fun that you're going to Wicked! I heard the play is way better than the book. True?