Tuesday, July 22


Ok...died laughing at so many of these memories!
Here are the pictures I could scrouge up. I am pretty impressed with myself!

JENNY: (friend from Walnut Creek, CA)
-"A couple favorites (these are pretty random)...hearing about funny things you would say to people like, "your diet's not working" or when you got out of your car and mad dogged those kids that were throwing rocks...when we went visiting teaching and you thought i was crying but really i just had eye boogers...when we went shopping during the priesthood session and tried on those huge bellies in mimi maternity...that shopping trip to laurens closet when everything was closed and we got super lost."
This picture was taken the day EVERY store was closed that we wanted to go to on our shopping excursion.
On of my favorite memories!

The eye boogers about killed me! i totally thought you were crying.
I have a picture of us at Mimi Maternity with the bellies on, but it is on my phone and I don't know how to get it off!

ALLISON: (friend from Austin, TX)
-"Young Women Summer Camp!!!!! and the Merrie Miss Activities."

Sorry Allison! All these pictures are still at my parents house!

EMILY: (friend from Austin, TX)
-Your 16th birthday party.-"I have a really good one getting stuck in the mud on our 4th year hike!!! That was a ton of fun and i think i might have peed my pants!!!"
Ok, this memory needs explaining! we went on our 4th year hike for girls camp. This is the hike of all hikes. It was overnight, and we had to pack one of those crazy backpacks. Emily decided to wear KEDS. She got blisters. We got to our camping spot, and pitched our tent. Emily and I shared. My dinner leaked. My pillow smelled like hotdogs. Didn't bring blankets. We were in Texas! Who would need blankets? We froze that night. Emily brushing her teeth. Super funny. Toothpaste running down her arm. Dripping off her elbow. Decide to cool off the next day by going swimming. Decide to go "off the beaten path." Emily decides (for the both of us) to jump this river. "Its not very deep," she says. She jumps. Sinks into mud. Up to her knees. Can't get out. I am laughing so hard. It smelled nasty. Couldn't get her out. Then ants in the mud, under the water, started stinging her. SO FUNNY!

DAVE: (Tyson's room mate at BYU)

-"Chillin' in the MTC together on the 4th.
-Watching Tyson ramp off a jump on his skateboard onto the pile of trash and debris on the side of the house.
-Throwing rocks through the windows of those houses that were torn down to make the apartment complex."
Some of his memories we will not comment on. :) But here is Tyson and I on top of the debris that Dave talks about.

JENNY: (friend from BYU)
"How about turning everything in Kim & Liz's apartment livingroom upside down?!"

CHELSEA: (friend from Walnut Creek, CA)
-"OK my I have lots of great memories with you guys but I will never forget Tyson at the garage sale. He was hilarious! "We'll give it to you for a dolla"!" (That made me so mad!)
-One of my favorite memories with you is singing "the wheels on the bus" to Cami on our walk from hell. I still cant believe we tried to do that AND went back and did it AGAIN!
-I also loved the theme parties we would have and the awesome theme treats you would bring to them... a few that come to mind are your spider cupcakes, those cute green slush drinks, and the football cake!"
Our first and last date night without the kidlets. 
Making gingerbread houses at the Carvers. Jenny and I were preggers. 

SHERYL: (friend from BYU, and wife of Tyson's mission companion)
-"Walking up and down Nob Hill and all over San Francisco while Ian was at a conference. I still crave Tostitos with a hind of lime tortilla chips (not to mention the strawberries). You guys rock to take me all over the place, none of us got any sleep that weekend."
I couldn't find our pictures ANYWHERE of that wonderful weekend!
 Until I found this bad boy!

DANA: (practically my room mate at BYU)
-"walking across BYU with you having the "Arizona is better than Texas" fight, and finding out the interesting fact that Texas has a lower "non-reading" rate. Priceless!

-you coming down to our Room in DT all through the year with your projects from school. Your amazing kindergarten activities and your crazy art things for Humanities.
-our wild ward mudfight!!

-helping steal Jerusha's scriptures so someone could ask her to a dance, and having her come home and pray for them!"
AMY: (friend from Walnut Creek, CA and now from Orange County)
- "I loved spending the day with you and hitting up Sprinkles (it's about time to go again right?!) and just chatting about life!"

SUSAN: (my cute sister in laws cute mother)
-"I met you 2 years ago, right before Chris & Jennifer got married and I was just amazed and touched by the video you put together...priceless!"

JACKIE E: (friend from BYU)
-"I don't think our family was very functional, we almost never had fhe, i remember we did once and we went ice blocking down some hill."

LISA PO PO: (friend from BYU & now California)
-"When we went to the San Diego Zoo when we were both like 7 months prego and we walked up that huge hill."

LIZ F: (friend from Walnut Creek)
-"How awesome you looked coming to church right after having twins!!!!! you rock at having babies and looking great!"

JACKIE: (friend I met one time, but is totally nice, and would love to keep in touch with her!)
-"The first time I met you...I though man, who is this wonder woman? She looks FABILOUS (after the twins), appears to have it all together (through much observation I have found that to be totaly true) and has two adorable twins!"

These pics don't have Jackie in them, but they were taken the day I met her when we spent at least 4 hours in a furniture store with Megan and LOTS of babies picking out furniture. :)

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The Polson Family said...

So cute. You're amazing at always remembering to take pictures. I need to get better at that so I will always have fun pictures to go along with great memories.

Emily said...

I laughed so hard i really cried!! did i really wear keds...well I know they weren't real keds because my mom wouldn't buy those "over prices shoes" I remeber the blisters, i totally forgot about the smelly pillowcase! that was awful!!! you have a great memory!! love all the pics!!

RaeAnn said...

I am sure that Emily was remembering her gift to you at your 16th birthday party!! Do you have a picture of it? The Elmo picture looks pretty tame compared to everything else that happened that night!!!
Do you remember the police cars?

jenny said...

love the pics! i might have to copy that idea when i get back.

Jackie said...

Well if we didn't live so dang far from the beach, and if you didn't have so dang many friends, coast to coast, AND if you really needed more furniture, maybe we'd see you more!
You really are a doll!

Anonymous said...

how did I miss this post?? I feel like a dweeb. I am sharing my memories now because I have so many great ones. (I'll try to keep it brief.)
*The first time I met Jen we both gushed about how we loved Garth Brooks. We were instafriends. :)
*Pulling like 5 all nighters freshman year.
*Big Hair Night Sophomore year.
*(this memory involves Jen AND Tyson)--- the Tarantula. Need I say more?
*Steeling Shopping carts from Storehouse Market
*Don't Sleep In Your Room Night
*Carrying about 9 million doors upstairs until 4am and piling them outside apartment 97
*MANTI and burying the Vienna Sausages at that park.
*The HUGE water fight IN OUR APARTMENT
*When Jerusha and I tied up your Elmo doll. Sorry Jen. But, it was pretty funny.
*Tim McGraw and Faith Hill when we drove to SLC with the top down.
*Yellowstone!! Singing Disney songs in the hammock for like 3 hours.

I could go on forever. I love you Jen! And I am so happy to have so many fun memories with you!

Amy said...

WHOAH!! That was a lot of pictures to dig up! Great post! Hey can you e-mail me the gingerbread pic- It's funny to see Mike's hair so long!

Emily said...

what did I give you for your birthday I don't remember?? police cars i honestly don't remember what happened that night, i'm so cracking up over your moms comment, i only said your 16th birthday because I knew I had pics, what happened that night???

Emily said...

i'm totally risisting the urge to call you right now and find out what happened at your birthday....

Sheryl said...

You are a super blogger! I love the pics.