Tuesday, July 15

Is the park boring?

We have this really fun park by our house. There is NO dirt. It is all that foamy, jumpy, astroturfish stuff. It is really nice. It has lots of play equipment, and a sand volleyball court, so the kids can have some sand time if needed.

These are the pictures of my kids at this park yesterday and today. Yesterday they just had each other, today they had Emily and Lauren to play with, and I had Lisa. :)

Besides Berkleigh falling off the play structure with her fall cushioned by the back of a dog could have been the reason for the frowns, or maybe I just have boring children? Nah.... but seriously look at those sullen faces!
I love this picture. Lauren is at the bottom in the white hat, Merrick is in the middle of the slide, and Berkleigh is at the top.
This is the only picture of Berk smiling. It is pretty cute. She looks like a little Dalmatian dog on the fire-truck.
Look at those faces. I would have been all smiles sitting on that thing.

 Whoopee! A seahorse toy.

Duck? Her favorite animal, but will she show it... of course not.

Driving a race-car... not fun apparently.

We love turtles, but why smile.

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April said...

This is THE funniest thing I've seen all day! Your commentary was HILARIOUS! They are ADORABLE!

Amy said...

We need to come play at that park! I am putting my older kids on a plane to Portland tomorrow (by them selves!) to visit with cousins. So it will be just me and B all week! What day is good for you?

Erika said...

Gosh! they really are so serious! For such funny, non serious parents, how the heck did they get no-smile genes?
I'm sure they had fun...even without showing it :-)

Katelyn said...

URGH- i remember this stage, I am not sure what it is but all of the sudden getting them to smile for the camera is near impossible. Silly Kids! However, they are still quite adorable! So cute~ katelyn

Emily said...

that's because they've been spoiled with disneyland everyday--a regular park would be below them compared to disneyland!! jk :) maybe it just wasn't a smiley day. the pic on the slide is really cute!!

Jen Scott said...


Baltzer Family said...

Hi Jen,

Love the comments behind the pictures so funny. You let me know when the naps are good and we will play. I would enjoy the two naps as long as possible.

Jessica said...

hahaha- this is great! I think they just don't want to lower the bar- entertainment wise. They want you to keep thinking of really fun things to do. If they showed their extreme excitement, they wouldn't get to go to disneyland as much... right?!
Merrick is a STUD with his hair! Seriously, why did it decide to start growing now?!? ADORABLE!

jenny said...

cute header again! you must be having some fun in photoshop :)

i bet its just that they are SO into the park that they don't want to stop and smile for you. it looked fun to me.

The Flying V said...

i have THE cutest twin neice and nephew. they are growing so fast! thats the only set back to staying in provo. i;ll miss out on them growing up. and miss playing with you, jen and tyson:(

Melody Odell said...

Where is this park you speak of? Is it the Boys and Girls club? It looks really nice. Anyways, cute pics!