Tuesday, July 1

ba da be do ba do

For the past month or so, Berkleigh has babbled like she has never babbled before. She sounds like she is speaking, but whatever language it is, I don't understand. However, Merrick does! She will talk to him and have the most serious look on her face, and then she will smile, and Merrick will bust a gut laughing. Merrick has now joined the bandwagon and babbles contently ALL day long. 
I do not have video of him yet (he is a little camera shy) but her is Boo with her funny talk:

These are new words that the twins can say:

Rower : Flower (think Scooby Doo version) (B and M)

Ok, funny story about the word above! Both Merrick and Berkleigh can say Flower, but it started one morning bright and early right before nap time. Berkleigh was throwing a tantrum because she wanted a flower I had in a vase on the bookshelf. I told her no. She cried, and flailed her arms etc. After she stopped crying, she started pointing at it, so I picked her up and let her look at it. She started begging, you know, "uh, uh, uh" and I told her, "You cannot have the flower. I will give it to you if you say flower..." She looked right at me, and said, "rower". I gave it to her (how can I threaten and then not go through with it? And in 3 minutes there were no petals left.

booot: book (Berkleigh)
da dah :Grandpa and Grandma (Merrick)
moo: cow (Berleigh)
Nigh nigh: Night Night (B & M)
tis : kiss (Berleigh)
his Zat: Whats that? (M & B)
But Merrick's has turned into : Wha is sat?

uh oh: uh oh (M & B)
Oh no: Oh no (Merrick)
Oh Wow : (Merrick)

They both fold their arms for night time and dinner prayers, and Merrick throws his hands in the air and says, "Ahh" for Amen at the end.

They also can sign:

all done
sometimes "Thank you"

Check back here for other words they have been saying.

8 love notes:

Andrew & Tara said...

So cute! They are just little weeds, growing like crazy!

jenny said...

aww i miss them.

Emily said...

they are getting so big!! merrick is so tall!! cute videos!! I LOVE SIGNING!! ryan just walks around all day begging saying please!! ber has got quite the tan going on!! too cute and so big, their not babies anymore!!

Jessica said...

My heart aches, I feel like I'm missing out!! (that sounds really dramatic, but its true!) Berkleigh's has bangs! New words are so fun

Amy Scott said...

I think it is SO wonderful that you have been teaching the twins to sign! Sign Language is such an amazing and beautiful language!

Team Thomson (Tiffany) said...

Cute videos- Turner loves to watch them. We signed a lot with him when he was younger but kinda stopped once he started talking. Lately though he has been signing all on his own! So now we are learning animals.

Kristy said...

yayy! Now we are neighbors and blog friends!! Blogging is so much fun! P.S. Your kids are so stinkin cute!

Amy said...

CUTE! I wonder if Boston would understand them??? Don't forget Merrick can sign duck for a parrot too :)