Wednesday, April 2

Twins Speak

So they say that twins have their own language. They babble to each other everyday. I know that they are talking to each other cause they don't just babble at the same time, but Merrick will speak and then Berkleigh will speak, then they will laugh or Merrick will give Berkleigh his toy. It is really cute. I try and get it on video, but they notice, and the camera is way cooler than talking to each other. This is as close as I have gotten to getting their little language on video.
Sorry you might have to pause my blog music.

Merrick and Berkleigh's Words and Phrases:
1. "Duuut" - Duck (both)
2."tat tat" - Quack Quack (Merrick)
3. "caa" - Cat (Both)
4. "dot" - Dog (Both)
5. "Nana" - Banana (Merrick)
6. "wus aa" - Whats that? (Both)
7. "day doo" - Thank you. (Berkleigh)
8. "mama" - Mom (Both)
9. "dada" or "da deee" - Dad (Both)
10. "mi" - Milk (Berkleigh)
11. "a doe" - Nose (Berkleigh)
12. "ba" - Book and Ball (Merrick)

They also love to find noses and give kisses and hugs.

Do you like the gouging out of Merrick's eye by his loving sister? :)

7 love notes:

Chris said...

i love the feet pics on the side...perfect for a podiatrist family's blog! you (we) definitely need to hit the pedi soon!

i love the first video of them talking to each other. they are going to start conspiring against you soon!

Chris said...

oops this is jenny!
haha okay picturing you and chris going to get pedis together is cracking me up.

em-jared-ryan said...

That is so fun that they are starting to talk!! I wish I had a secret language that only a few people understood!

Dana Christensen said...

So fun! Do you and Tyson talk like the twins now? Michael and I totally talk "Anna talk" when we are with her. Not so good for teaching her English, but fun! :)

Amy said...

My Mom is a twin, and she says her and her sister can finish sentences for each other- SO cool to be a twin right?!

Chelsea said...

so cute! They are totally having a little conversation! I cant believe it!

mamaroosh said...

The twin speak was sooo cute! That's so fun that they're talking now. That's one of my favorite parts about being a mom, when your kids are just learning to talk and you know exactly what they are saying even when other people would have no clue.