Saturday, July 12

... 6 Years ...

July 12, 2002
What a great day!

Sealed in the San Diego LDS Temple.

In front of our little house at our first garage sale as a married couple getting ready to move.

Leaving our first home together to move to Walnut Creek, California.
(Don't you love the overalls?)

We like to travel together.  Here we are in St. Louis, MO by the Arch.

Exploring at Glass Beach in Mendecino, CA.

Snowboarding in Bear Valley, CA

Excited to be parents, and excited not to have the belly!

After the twins were born.
  (Sorry another bad pic. I don't know why I keep putting these up!)

Staying with 3 week old Merrick at the hospital before surgery.

After the twins baby blessings.

I am so happy to be married to Tyson. He is a fantastic dad and a great friend to me. We have so much fun together! We think alike, and we always love an adventure.

Thanks for 6 great years! 

11 love notes:

Jessica said...

Holy it seems like yesterday that you posted for your 5 year!! Congrats you guys -we know how happy and in love you are!

jenny said...

happy anniversary! i hope it was fun!

Amy said...

aawww Happy Anniversary guys!! We are home, so let's do something this week!!

Andrew & Tara said...

Nice overalls! Your old house looks so cute. Happy anniversary!!

Chelsea said...

Happy 6 years guys! You are such a cute couple! Its fun to see you in your younger years. You look like babies! Have fun celebrating!

April said...

Happy Anniversary you two little love birds!

tiff said...

Congrats on 6 years! I'm so glad you found Tyson. You are so happy and obviously in love. My sweet cousin deserved someone amazing, so I'm thankful Tyson is so perfect for you. I love you both!

Emily said...

congrats on six years that's awesome!!! congrats to the two of you!! your house in provo was so cute!!

Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! We love your cute little family!

Melody Odell said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't wait till Matt and I have been married that long. These pictures are so cute of you guys. You can tell your both really happy. We love you!!

ClintnBecca said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! You are seriously some of our favorite people and we are glad that you found each other. 6 Years, great for you, 4 of that in med school is such a feat! Congrats.