Wednesday, June 11


Tried to post.

Have too many pictures.

Taking forever.

2:38 am.

Gotta go to bed.

Going to Catalina Island tomorrow.

Want to have fun and not sleep the whole time.


I will post when I get back.

Sleepy in Huntington

2 love notes:

Katelyn said...

this is em....i waited all day and no post!!! i'm so disappointed!! it sounds like you are having a blast!

Kristyn said...

Hey girl! Ohhh, Catalina. You are making me much too homesick. Hope you have so much fun. I love that place.

Can you do me a favor when you get a chance? Jason and Gail left a comment on my blog telling me to comment on theirs, but theirs is private. Can you leave them a comment with my email address? Sorry, I don't know who else has their blog address handy. Thanks a million!