Friday, June 13

Guinness Book of World Records

for the LONGEST post EVER! Here it comes ...

Before we left Walnut Creek, we were super sad cause we worked so hard to pack, and didn't have time to go to the city one more time.
We might not have seen the city, but I did get to say goodbye to my school and all the wonderful people there, and I did get to hang out with friends:

My teaching buddies took me to dinner, and my church friends took me to lunch. That was a great day. I am totally going to miss them!!!

We packed up our truck, we said goodbye to our apartment.

Here is our truck on the inside and out! 
I can't believe Tyson drove that all the way down! This is what I stared at the whole time 6 hours. Goodbye Walnut Creek!

Hello Huntington Beach!
When we got to Huntington Beach, the Scotts and the Polsons were there to help us unload the truck, and because my friend Lisa had her kids, she unpacked all my kitchen boxes and put the stuff away!

On the main beach with the pier behind us.
Taking our Sunday walk on the beach.
Sunset in Huntington with Ruby's shakes. (mmm)

Here is our apartment. Everyone keeps asking us if we are unpacked. We were all unpacked 3 days after we got to HB. I mean, pictures on the walls and everything. Are we just super fast or what? 

The living room

The dining room

The kitchen with the avocado countertops. (Which I love!)

The twins room.

Our bedroom.

and the bathroom... nothing fancy but if I give you a tour, I give you the whole tour, that's how I roll.

We had to say goodbye to lots of great friends, but we were reunited with some just as great friends.Lisa with all our kids in one shopping cart. People were giving her weird looks!
The babes.
Me and Amy!

We got our Disneyland passes, and we are taking advantage of going. We have been three times and have already paid for our passes! What a great deal!

Cinderella's Castle
Outside Tarzan's Treehouse with Lisa (friend from our first married ward in Provo and Lauren who is 2 weeks younger than the twins. Merrick has a new girlfriend... sorry Kate!)
 It was super hot, and Berkleigh was feelin' the heat!
Back Car: Jason, Emily, Lisa and Lauren 
Front Car: Tyson, half of Merrick, and not pictured: Jen and Berkleigh

The yummy free Mission tortilla, (MASECA!) in California Adventure.

Pirate hat that came in a McDonald's happy meal. Berkleigh wore it the whole night.

How cute is Emily on this Bug's Life ride! She seriously thinks D-land is the happiest place on earth.

We miss our old ward, friends, and northern california, but we are really happy to be here in Huntington Beach.

11 love notes:

Emily said...

haaa...i can finally breathe a sigh of relief...i've had anxiety waiting for a new post, i know you've been busy but come on...jk...the suspense was killing me!! i'm so glad you are loving it down there!! only you would be totally upacked and decorated in three days, i think you might be a vampire~do you sleep??? now i can rest easy knowing everything is great at the beach.

jenny said...

what a great post! your new place looks so nice, i actually love the counters too! i was thinking more of a putrid (sp?) green. it looks like you guys found an amazing deal! we miss you but i'm glad to see the move went smoothly and you're having fun!

p.s. i dont know how i'm going to break the news to kate. maybe they can be pen pals haha.

Kristyn said...

I can't wait to see the photos from Catalina. What a great time you guys are already having!! I miss not having a D-land pass anymore, it is seriously the best deal on earth. And hello, you were completely unpacked after 3 days? You've given me new inspiration for our next move.

I just saw your comment on my blog - the cox email is perfect. Thanks for doing that, and can't wait to see more pics of your new adventures!

Andrew & Tara said...

So it looks like you will NEVER be bored down there! Your new place looks great! Dont you just love unpacking/decorating a new place! So happy that you guys found a good place down there. Keep postin' those pics!:)

Amy said...

Oh the long awaited post!! I am glad you are back to blogging, and are all set with the internet (it's crazy how much you miss it huh?) We need to hit The Sugar Shack soon- I am dying to try it out!

April said...

Congrats on being DONE with the move! Your apartment is sooooo cute! I love it! Especially the countertops. They are R.A.D.

I'm excited to read about all of your adventures! Look for a good fabric store, okay???

Also, would you email me your new address please???

The Polson Family said...

Kindof sad you had to leave your friends...but who am I kidding, we are already loving having you here. Here's to lot's more fun adventures.
So glad Catalina was great!

Brianna said...

MASECA! My favorite part of California Adventure! How awesome! I come in two weeks and can't wait to see all of you!

Chelsea said...

Im glad you guys are all settled! Your new place is SO cute! I really like the green countertops! I am jealous of your DL passes. Im so happy you guys are loving the area and being near Family!

Erika said...

Alright, you have our number. Lets do something!!!

mamaroosh said...

Mathew agrees. DW is a magical place. So fun! I love your beach pictures too. And you guys are amazing to be totally unpacked in 3days. Did the packing for dummies help or are you just naturally an amazing packer upper? Love ya!