Sunday, May 11

Mother's Day

We are lucky to have the two best moms in the world. Sorry everyone reading this... but there is no contest. If you didn't grow up with Grandma Rae or Grandma Jackie than you missed out! 
We love you! I am glad you have been such great examples to me, so I will know how to be a better mom! 
*the one thing I haven't mastered is getting the presents to you on time, you will die when you get them though* 
(Sorry it is taking so long)
Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day was great!
 (besides being sick, but for those fun stories you will have to read further...)
I woke up after sleeping for 13 hours straight (because I was sick) to a quiet house!
Tyson was out of bed, and I just snuggled up with my down pillow and relaxed (because I was sick). 
Then Tyson brought me breakfast in bed. An omelet, OJ, sausage, and blueberry muffins. It LOOKED so good, but I could only eat a muffin (because I was sick).
Then Tyson cleaned up the kitchen, let me read in bed for a little bit, and put the twins down for their nap (because I was sick).
I came down stairs and there were flowers, 4 of my favorite candy-bar,

and a card made by Merrick and Berkleigh with the feet and hand-prints all over it.
After church we went to our friends, the Hiatts to have a BBQ and to play games. We had a ton of fun. It was a good Mother's Day! I did eat my hamburger because I was getting better.
Sorry I didn't get any pictures (because I was sick).

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

2 love notes:

jenny said...

the (because i was sick) inserts are cracking me up. i'm sorry you were sick! it sounds like tyson really came through for you though. way to go tyson!

Emily said...

Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day, what a big help Tyson was!!