Sunday, May 11

I wish we could "Take Two"

Saturday....what a day! So it started with a morning 5K run! Our stake had this women's fun run/walk. I bet there were 40 people there. Maybe that is too many, I don't know, but there were quite a few people there. Anyways, I went with my friend Jenny, and we ran the 3.2 miles. Jenny came in 3rd, I came in 5th. It was great fun! The best part was the juicy oranges at the end. 

Later that day, we went to the steam trains with the Heymans. 
Check here for a fun video of the kids reaction to the train moving. Every time the conductor let out the whistle, I thought Berkleigh was gonna jump off the train! It was hilarious! She is such a scaredy cat!
Just waiting for the train. Is there something wrong with where I'm sitting?

We also went to the Botanical Gardens, Lake Anza and then headed to Berkeley. It was fun to relax and be with friends... 
Tyson caught a lizard and put it on Merrick.

...until...(This is when I wish we could "Take Two")

We got lost on our way over the Berkeley Hills to get to our dinner destination. 
We were SO lost.
I all of a sudden was hit by this nasty stomach something or other. 

(Sometimes I imagine something like this running around in my body. Just cause it comes on so fast, not because I have tape worms.)

I had a head ache all day, but then my stomach got all quesy, and when finally pulling into the parking lot of our dinner destination, I had to throw up. 
I thought (which was pretty impressive when usually you only think about throwing up right before throw up) "Where should I throw up? Our car is to nice. Out the window? No, I have more dignity then that! In my make up bag? Sounds good." 
I barely had it unzipped when up it came, and came, and came, and came.

I felt a little better.

I didn't know what to do with my make up bag. I mean, all my make up was still in it, but I knew the potent smell of my prior lunch was going to stink up the car, but I thought I might want to try and salvage some make up.... so I put it under the front wheel of the car in hopes that I could do something about it after we ate.

We go to Barney's. It is this gourmet hamburger place.

Tyson and I have wanted to eat there the entire time we have lived here, so we thought we better go before we move.

We get in and the smell of hamburgers is making me sick again. We sit outside, and I immediately need to use the restroom.  They had one "unisex" bathroom, inside a urinal, toilet, sink, and baby changing station. Some guy had decided to put down the baby changing station and do his business there than in the toilet/urinal. That made me throw up.

I went back to sit down, couldn't order anything, every smell became unbearable! I got back up to go back to the bathroom. The door was locked. Oh great! I need to throw up. I go back outside (where there are people eating) and run to a corner, and throw up. 

I decide I can't be in the restaurant, so I go back to the car and sleep until everyone else is done.  We are driving out of the parking lot, and we run over my make up bag that we forgot was under the tire. It bursts open, and there is throw up everywhere. 

Get home, and I throw up again, and again, and again in the sink. 

It was a yucky day! I wish we could do it over again. Sorry Heymans for ruining the fun day. Thanks for being super nice about it!

14 love notes:

jenny said...

oh sad i didn't hear you ran over your makeup bag! what a horrible end to your day; i hope you left it there in the parking lot. FREE MAKEUP!!!

Amy said...

That sucks you were sick, and lost all you make-up too! Glad you are feeling better now- It does suck though that you didn't get to eat at Barney's though- you will have to go again before you leave!

Erika said...

Oh Jen! I was laughing so hard reading this (sorry). You really are a great storyteller!
Can't wait to see you in what...11 days?

Jackie said...

Man, good for you and that race. Whens the marathon? :)
So fun that you are always having adventures!
But bummer that you got sick!
Enjoy that warm weather for us!!!

Sally said...

This would be too funny if I wasn't still traumatized by even the thought of nausea. I hope you are feeling better now!

chauncey said...

i got sick just reading your story! hope you are feeling better now -

Chelsea said...

I had to run to the toilet after reading this story. I totally feel your pain! Im so sorry you got sick, but at least you had a fun day up to that point!

April said...

WHAT A STORY! So sorry that you were sick, no fun at all. And so sooo sorry about the make up! No good at all.

ecuakim said...

Oh man. What a bummer day. Sheesh. Makes ya glad you can go to sleep and have a better one the next day. Love you and hope you are feeling better.

tiff said...

What a horrible day! My favorite part is when you ran over the make-up bag. Obviously I've been desensitized by being the mother of three boys, but seeing a bag full of vomit explode under pressure sounds kind of gross and cool all at once....

jackie e said...

makeup bag turned to a vomit bomb... that stinks. i have heard about barney's, hopefully you can go back and have better memories. although this will be a much cooler/grosser story to tell later.
also, you should put me on your provo list...weren't we in the same fhe group once upon a time in the villa?
maybe you can treat yourself to some new makeup, since mother's day should be every day.
oh yeah, i like the way you tell stories, it's pretty descriptive.

Team Thomson said...

You always crack me up. I wish I lived closer! You are always having such fun adventures :)

Emily said...

New makeup!! Yippee I love getting new makeup!! sucks to have to be sick to get new makeup though! The bags are right around $20 let me know if you want me to get you one and I will mail it to you with the other stuff I borrowed: )

Jenny said...

One time I threw up in a pizza box that had leftover pizza in it from the Brick Oven in the Brick Oven parking lot.

When my roommate's fiance (husband for a real long time now) :) grabbed the box from me and opened it to spit marshmallows into from playing "chubby bunny" he threw up.

Never play chubby bunny in a restaurant parking lot right after you eat a lot of pizza.

Never run.

Unless you want new makeup. :)