Sunday, May 18

10 Year Reunion!

Tyson and I both turn 28, actually my birthday is tomorrow(!!) and that means we both have our 10 year reunions this year. That is SUPER weird! I don't feel like I can be that old! Well, we came down to go to Tyson's reunion. There was such a lame turn out... like 80 people, so if about 40 people from his high school. It was fun to see who Tyson hung out with in high school, but I got a little bored near the end. The same night, Mackenzie (Tyson's sister) went to her senior prom, and it was weird to think that we were doing that same thing 10 years ago, and I have been graduated from college for 6 years! I can't believe it!

Here we are before the reunion taking "prom" pictures. :) Thanks Kenz for the dress.

5 love notes:

Erika said...

What fun!! You two look great!

jenny said...

you guys look cute! let's see some then and now pics!!

Amy said...

This is how Mike's reunion ended up being too! I think that is another reason why I don't care that much about going to mine. You guys look great!

Oh and BTW, those shoes you have on are SO cute! I have loved them ever since I saw you wear them to church right after you had the twins- are they Steve Madden? I want some!

Jessica said...

I heard you broke out into "WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER..."-kuddos for going! Diddo on the before and after pic's.

RaeAnn said...

You two don't look a day over 21!!! You look amazing!!! Glad that you had a fun time!!! You will be glad that you went!!!
Love mom