Friday, January 3

Christmas Morning

The kids slept in until 7:45. I say slept it, because I was thinking they would be up way earlier than that! I was pleasantly surprised. They wanted to go down so quick, but we had fun making them wait until we were all up and ready to go down together.

I love little wonder faces...

Gotta love a good Santa present...
Double shot arcade game for the basement and Berkleigh got her first American Girl Doll.

 And Quincy got Anna from Frozen and a brand new stroller/pram.

This picture makes me happy. I love my little family.

Grandmas... you got lots of smiles!

Lots of building...
 and of course a nap.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Looks like a really foggy morning!!!
Fun, fun Christmas morning!!!

Emily Curfew said...

your white tree is perfection!!!!