Friday, December 20

All Hallow's Eve and other October Happenings

We were really excited to go around our new neighborhood. It was fun, the kids enjoyed the candy, and we enjoyed talking to our neighbors.

In other news...
We went to about 7 different pumpkin patches. I can't get enough.

 I love dollar pumpkins.

General Conference weekend was awesome. We busted out some stuffed pumpkin waffles.

 Merrick and Berkleigh built a temple while listening to conference.

We walked to the parks on nice days to play.

 On our walk home, we can see Mt. Hood. I never get sick of seeing a beautiful snowy mountain.

One nap, Quincy didn't want to sleep in her bed, but she did want to sleep in Berkleigh's. It wasn't a very long nap, but she sure was cute in it.

Quincy found it an appropriate place to have all her tantrums at the fireplace.

2 love notes:

Matthew said...

Is that the same pumpkin bag from way back when that Berkleigh is holding?

RaeAnn said...

Wish we could find $ pumpkins...I would buy about 20!!!