Monday, October 28

Portland with Tyson

Tyson has been working a lot lately, which we can't complain about because he is BUSY, and busy is good when you own your practice...

When he has a night off or a day off, we jump at the chance to go adventuring.

This particular day, Tyson was in Portland for a conference. He got out early, so we drove up quickly to head to the zoo with Tyson and to try Pine State Biscuits.

I lie. I thought these two outings were the same day, but apparently they aren't unless I don't remember a "costume change" before dinner. 
I am just happy I am blogging about it.

This lioness came down to sit by us. We watched each other for 20 minutes. I believe she was hunting us, because she sat silently and very still while we were watching her, but the moment we turned our backs on her, she pounced on the glass. Merrick died of fright, and now hates lions.

 Pine State Biscuits is so yummy, but I will let the picture of my biscuit speak for itself. 

 We love Portland and adventuring together.

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