Sunday, October 27

our house

First night in our house was so exciting. 

We stayed up late talking about all our dreams for the house,
staring at the crazy pile of boxes,

drinking water out of our fridge door drink dispenser,

The first Saturday that we were in the house, we did two home improvement projects. (Which I am sure raised the value of our home by thousands. hehe)

We changed the house numbers, they were so hideous...
and second we changed the doorbell which had yellowed from the sun and was so tacky.

While we were at Home Depot getting supplies, they were having the kids craft day, so we slowed down our crazy day and let them paint and hammer away for awhile.

We had lots of fun playing in all the open spaces in the house.
All those open spaces are still there. We quadrupled our living space so there are many empty rooms.

We love our house. Our neighbors are fabulous, and the neighborhood is so nice.
We are home!

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