Saturday, October 26


The only way to get through the crazy situation we were in with buying our house was to joke and live day by day. We would always joke, "Well when we are homeless..." Merrick and Berkleigh got really concerned that we would actually be homeless living on the streets. 

We had to clarify.
We were homeless, but not living on the streets, and after discussing that with the twins they were way happy about being homeless and living in a hotel for awhile.
10 days to be exact.

The day we were to be out of our rental, and still had not closed on our house, my friend Rachel persuaded me to go blueberry picking with her. We have always gone together. It is tradition and so we through caution to the wind (even thought I still had to get stuff out of our rental and meet up with the owner to hand over the keys.)

The berries were falling off the bushes, and we both picked way more than we had thought. Together we picked 35 lbs! Rachel took them home to wash and freeze. 

Rachel and family were so great to have us spend our first homelessness night with them at their house.
The kids were ecstatic!

We stayed at a hotel in Salem. I researched the hotel with the best pool. 
We jumped on beds, swam and played with friends.

It was kind of fun to not have a home to worry about or clean. We just played for three days straight.

We went to the Gilbert house with the Hostess with the Mostess and her cuties.

We went to the farmers market with friends... well basically we spent most of our homelessness with our friends, the Maughans.


We threw swim lessons into the mix during our homelessness.

We had some friends leave for a week to San Diego, so we squatted in their house with their blessing.
One of our last nights of homelessness, we went to the zoo and then stayed with our friends again before heading to our makeshift home for a week.

 FINALLY, after 10 days of homelessness, and on our 11 year anniversary,  we signed away and closed on our house. What an anniversary present!

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