Monday, August 12

End of the School Year!

The end of Kindergarten!
How did it come and go so quick!

I was one of those parents...
I totally cried.

Most of us with Mrs. Bridges. She was the best kindergarten teacher. We couldn't have asked for a better one! Merrick didn't want to be in the picture. He didn't want to hug or hang with his teachers, just a wave from the door on the way out. That is so Merrick. 

Have you ever seen a cuter picture? We had missed a couple of days of school with our cousins in town, and so Merrick didn't have time to ready himself for being up in front of lots of gushing kindergarten parents.

 Life become doable after a few minutes...
It may seem weird, but it was nice to see him cry, and to realize they are still small and still my babies, even though they are growing up and heading on to new adventures.

Mrs. Bridges.

The instructional aide... Mrs. Trammell

I think their favorite part was Grandma, Aunt Megan and our cousins were there for the kindergarten performance. It was so special to have their family there.

 Can't ask for a better older cousin. Ethan is fun, supportive, and caring.

We got to show some of their artwork up in the classroom...

 Until next year...

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RaeAnn said...

I love Merrick's hungry, hungry caterpillar!!! So sweet!!!
Love you!!!