Thursday, May 30

Morning Blossoms

Berkleigh had her dance recital on the 18th at the Historic Elsinore Theater.
It was a beautiful place.

We had to be there early, with the girls all dressed up and ready to go.

So obviously the photoshoots commenced. 
We had balcony seats and the stage is behind her. 

 I love this girl and her little friend Tessa.

This little girl next to Berkleigh was a riot. She had no idea what she was doing.
Well lets face it, no one did except Tessa and Berkleigh.

Aren't they pretty? 

We gave the girls yellow sunflowers after the performance. Thought they were appropriate.

We invited our friend Shauna and her little girl. If she learned to go potty on the toilet, she gets to do ballet next year... and so she came to watch. She was so excited.

Berkleigh and Tessa did such a good job. They are beautiful little girls, and I love seeing them grow and develop, but I also get so sad thinking how fast this time is going by and how much I will miss these little people when they are grown. :)

2 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

I think Berkleigh looks like Ashleigh in the last shot! Cute girls!

RaeAnn said...

Such a cutie!!! Thanks fro letting me be part of the fun!!!