Tuesday, April 9

the beach

Our friend Cory had a birthday on Saturday. He wanted to go to the beach and surf... so away we all went.
It was a great day. It was 72 degrees. Amazing. Sunny. Beautiful. Perfect.
These two wanted a photo shoot...

 Finally got a jumping picture...

We tried a pinterest idea, and dug a hole, added a shower curtain, and filled it with water.
 We would have made it deeper, but we had babies toddling around and thought we should keep it shallow.
Bathing beauties!

We were so excited to be back at the beach in the sun and enjoying the warm weather.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids since Easter was the next day.

This was Quincy's first real Egg hunt. She didn't really care until she opened the first egg and saw yogurt covered raisins....

 This is pure joy...
sand stuck all over your face due to snot and other sticky yumminess.

Checking out the loot...

 Building sandcastles...

And before we left, we decided to hike straight up the sand dune.
Merrick had some moments of weakness...

but it was worth the sore toes and calves to see this view.

Rachel decided to race the kids up the dune, at the top they participated in a victory jump. 

This picture makes me laugh. It was so windy up there. Sand was flying everywhere. Merrick and Berkleigh's expressions are so funny to me.

Looking down from the very top.

And our idea of getting the kids down the mountain... :)

 We stopped at the tide pools...

 and frolicked in the water..

A perfect day at the beach!
Love love hanging with our friends and enjoying the sun and sand.
Perfect Easter Weekend.

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I love Berkleighs jumping picture!!! So fun!!! Was Quincy eating the sand?
Love ya!!!

The Maughans said...

I think your jumping friend is super special.

Harris Family said...

Looks like a perfect day! I never get beach days like that

Megan said...

A perfect day, for sure! Bathing beauties, absolutely! Easter fun, you got it!

It is amazingly wonderful that you can find the beach anywhere--even in Oregon. California is now in your blood.

What a terrific post. Thanks for sharing :)