Monday, April 22

Spring Break

Ha. this is old and has been sitting in draft form forever. I just get lazy and don't want to transfer my instagram pictures to the blog....
But today is the day, so lets go back in time to 3 weeks ago...

Some friends and I thought if we didn't get together during the week, that our kids would be whiny, and the week would drag on.  We needed something to keep these little tykes happy.
We went to Portland to this ice cream shop called:

I love places like this. So yummy, fresh, and made from Oregon ingredients.

We enjoyed ourselves and our cones...
 Look at mine!
Strawberry basalmic vinegar with black pepper.

Then we headed to the OMSI to see the Mythbusters exhibit.
So cool. So fun.
(I do not know what Berkleigh is doing, but I am pretty sure I have a picture of myself doing this same face with a side pony in 1986.)

The kids tried all different kinds of experiments.

Does it matter if you run or walk in the rain?
Do you get less wet by running?

Berkleigh and Tessa sitting on a swing held by two phone book pieced together page by page.

 Pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes.
Totally works. I did it. :)

Cliff hanging and Can you Dodge a Bullet?
Both amazing to watch the kids try to do.

And how fast does it take you to change into a superhero in a phone booth.
Super Rachel was pretty fast.

We had a science day where we did all sorts of crazy experiments. It was also like 700 degrees outside so it was nice to be in the sun having fun with friends.

Here is the Elephant toothpaste...

And some flubber!

Spring Break went by fast! It was fun to hang with friends and to have such nice weather!

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RaeAnn said...

Sooo fun...can we go get ice cream when I come?
Love ya!!!