Friday, February 22


January sorta went fast, and well for that matter so has February, and I barely picked up my camera in January.  There were some randoms, and they were too cute not to share.

Can you tell she is the third child? She still has a bottle. She is just too cute, and I don't want to get rid of it, or I am just lazy. I haven't really decided. :) She will take one kind of sippy so it is a trade off between the two.

These Aden and Anais blankets are to die for, so light weight and soft. 
I love them, and Quincy does too.

Merrick has been on another building kick. He whipped out the Lincoln Logs which I haven't seen them play with in ages! He was building forts all over the house. I like when they play with real toys and don't even want my kindle fire or my phone or the computer.

Berkleigh cannot sit in her chair to save her life. She takes a bite and then she walks around and repeats that process for an hour. 
I told her if she didn't sit, I would tie her to the chair... 
when she got up again, I had to stick to my word, but no yarn in sight, but I saw Tyson's belt.....
Done and done.

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Laura said...

I'm dying over our twinner third child baby girls. Lyla is nearly 17 months and she still has a bottle too! I took the other kids away at a year but I'm the same, just too lazy and she loves it so much and I'm trying to remember why I even thought it was a big deal to take it away early. And lyla adores her Anais and aiden blanket too, she is always pulling it out of her bed and snuggling it

garcias said...

So my three year old still has a bottle at nap. So she just turned three and decided that a sippy cup works too. So don't feel bad.

I also have the no sitting problem. I cannot stand it. Both of my girls. The belt is a great idea. I am going to use it. Thank you!

Kristy said...

I love the belt! Ha! So funny. I totally want to strap my kids where ever they are sitting. It drives me bonkers when they sit weird at the table.